10 Golden Tips From Bill Gates For A Sucessful Life 


6-Enjoy what you do :

It’s very important to enjoy what you do every day. Bill Gates enjoys working with smart people he even enjoys working on new problems. You need to enjoy overcoming big challenges, solving difficult problems, and most importantly, how you spend your time every day. And more than that, you need to love the people around you in your work place.

5-Play Bridge :

It sounds unbelievable  how can playing bridge lead to success? but there are in fact several benefits of playing this card game that can help in just about every aspect of life, including and especially business. Bridge teaches you to concentrate on the task at hand and think strategically. It keeps your brain active and your mind sharp. Plus, because you play bridge with three other people, it enforces unspoken rules about being social and respectful and enhances your communication skills. If you can master the bridge table, according to Bill Gates, you’ll have a leg up at the boardroom table.

4-Ask for advice :

You sould have a small number of people that you can turn to on certain key things are a great asset. It’s very important to ask friends and family for advice. Bill Gates always for the help of his wife; Melinda’s advice where he knows his judgment is not the strongest. Create a small inner circle of smart people who you really trust to give you good advice.

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