10 Golden Tips From Bill Gates For A Sucessful Life 


3-Pick good people :

Hiring people is a great responsibilities for an entrepreneur, It should be taken seriously. Look for people you can trust, people who can commit to your mission, and people who share the same  vision as you  for the company youare building. Choosing the right people is therefore fundamental.

2-Don’t procrastinate :

Procrastinating and doing things at the last minute is a very bad habit Bill Gtaes used to have but he soon realized that he had to break it,. By not waiting until the last minute to do things, you stay organized, you consistently meet deadlines, and you always put your best foot forward.

1-Have a sense of humor :

It’s always important to have a sense of humor. You can’t always be uptight and stressed.It’s true that  you need to take your work seriously, but the ability to laugh is important , and it enhace your mood and mental health  with a magical way and by that it will improve the quality of work you will be giving for the company .

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