10 Jobs that might disappear by 2030


The adoption of various technologies, especially artificial intelligence and automation and its evolution are making us head toward to some changing job requirements and skills demands of employers. Some existing jobs are already on their way to vanishing and disappearing completely, the same way new jobs that we’ve never heard of are emerging and getting established.

In contrast to what you might be thinking, it’s not all about tech roles replacing non tech jobs; it’s more about the society’s needs and expectations, thus, requirements and skills are changing constantly throughout the time. These changes didn’t happen overnight, we’ve been noticing these changes for quite some time now. So to keep some heads up, here’s a list on what carriers might disappear in the next few years:

10-Mail carrier

people, companies and advisers are more prone to communicate via electronic mails, phone, or other faster digital options. This is a time where everything runs fast and mail carriers are not that fast after all.


 telemarketers are already disappearing, and that’s due to the permanent use of the internet and social media and the targeted ads that are getting smarter and presenting us with exactly what we need or want at the exact moment that we want it. Besides, Siri is always there to answer any question, and she is way faster than humans.

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