10 Jobs that might disappear by 2030


8-Taxi and bus drivers

 many companies are investing a lot of their money into the driverless vehicle industry. Self driving electric vehicles, automated cars are coming our way and with it the departure of human drivers. And then, there’s also the emergence of ridesharing apps throughout the entire world.

7-Travel agents

 the development of online travel booking websites and apps is taking over the travel agents job. People prefer buying travel tickets by themselves instead of paying someone else to do it for them. This could be money saving as well, since you don’t have to pay an intermediate person to this task for you.  You can buy an airplane ticket, reserve a hotel room, or anything you want without needing anyone. All you need is a valid credit card and internet connection.


the supermarket technology is continuing to develop itself; artificial intelligence is present in our lives now more than ever. If you want to buy something you can either do it online or you can just select a product from a store and the amount of that item will be automatically debited from your credit card. Several stores are already using this method and it will definitely go viral in no time. Sales have moved online. And many stores are having self checkout aisles.

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