10 Jobs that might disappear by 2030

10 Jobs that might disappear by 2030

2-Parking lot attendants

 lots of companies who own large superficies for vehicles now prefer the robotic parking systems instead of paying actual human beings to park cars.

1-Postman or mailman

  these two are already disappearing since very few people send letters through the post, now everything is done online, or sent to exact location automatically. And it gets done way faster.

This article might come off as scary to some of you. The idea of losing your job, losing something that you’re passionate about, something you do with love is scary, but this is where our world is headed, and we have to open our eyes and see it as it is. Acting in a way that can be beneficial to us and to our needs is fundamental. Therefore, if you find your current job or your future job on this list don’t freak out, and instead try to think about other things that you might be interested in, and do your best to acquire some new competences and skill sets. On top of that, it never hurts to be polyvalent and to be good at many things at a time. At the end it is a smart call to start looking for alternatives because you never know what might happen in the upcoming few years.  


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