10 Life Changing Books You should read


1-The 48 Laws Of Power By Robert Greene :


Feeling powerless is a miserable experience. If given the choice, everyone would opt for more rather than less power. Yet, to be so overt in attempts to gain power is frowned upon. To attain power, you need to be subtle, cunning, and democratic yet devious. Consequently, in his controversial book, “The 48 Laws of Power,” best-selling author Robert Greene argues that if you manage to seduce, charm, and deceive your opponents, you will attain the ultimate power. 

Greene states that the better you become at handing power, the better friend, lover, and person you will become. This is because you learn how to make others feel good about themselves,  which makes them dependent on you as a source of great pleasure to be around.

This book is the perfect guide  for anyone interested in gaining or defending against ultimate control. It’s the passion-fruit  and the renegade chid of How To Win Friends And Influence People, The Art of War and The Game  if that child was born  to survive Coral Island, then raised by wolves, then fostered by Machiavelli.

It’s a very challenging read. Partly because of its relentlessly anecdotal style. Partly because of the emotional rollercoaster it’ll send you on .But mostly because it’ll force you to confront the sheer number of psychological tactics that are used every day to control you.

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