10 Life Changing Books You should read

10 Life Changing Books You should read

3-The Art of War By Sun tzu :


Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, strategist, and writer, born in 544 BC. Smart and quick-witted, Tzu established a remarkable philosophy of military strategy that he compiled together in The Art of WarOften focusing on tactics beyond the bloodshed of physical battle, The Art of Waris a strategic masterwork that’s been used by countless military strategists since its first publication.

After being made a general, Tzu demonstrated the effectiveness of his philosophy by leading an army and winning an impressive battle in the Ch’u state. He then put his philosophy to paper and wrote The Art of Warfor the King of Wu. The book has 13 chapters, each assigned to a particular aspect of war and strategy. Although he writes in short, succinct sentences, the brevity of his words always contain a depth of meaning. Consequently, The Art of Warhas had a significant impact on both Eastern and Western military thinking, which continues to this day.

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