10 Life Changing Books You should read


2-The Reality Creation Technique By Frederick E.Dodson :


One of the best reality creation guide books you cane ver have between your arms.The Author chose an easy and clear language to express his thoughts in this book.This book is strongly recomended for those who wish to get a better handle on the law of attraction .After reading this book you will be able to shift some patterns from yourself.This book give you some creative tips in a mold of humor and vision.

How to focus energy in the form of thought, word and deed to attract, create and manifest wealth, health and love. Beyond the shallow waters of new-age, “law of attraction” and conventional motivational psychology there is a deep well from which you derive unbending determination and strength. That source is within you and can be awakened to achieve anything. The Reality Creation Technique is the most speedily effective method to help you make your dreams come true.

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