10 Countries And  States That Will Pay To live In


As you read in the title we’re not joking on you ,if you are a young man or woman and you want to start a new life abroad  but you don’t have enough budget , this article is just for you .We will present to you here 10 marevelous countries that will give a grant to live there.

10-Alaska :

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If you are a nature lover and you want to embrace a new lifestyle , Alaska’s wildlife will blow your mind .You wull benefit from yearly cash grant as an incentive.

The Permanent Fund Dividend  was established in 1976 as a way to share the state’s oil profits with local Alaskans. If you live in the state for a full dividend year and are eligible for the grant, you could take home around $1,600. Better still, the whole state is tax-free. However, seeing as a gallon of milk can cost you as much as $10 in Barrow (the Northernmost city in America), this doesn’t mean you can be frivolous with your new cash.

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