10 Countries And  States That Will Pay To live In


9-Spain :

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Spain is a diverse and beautiful country where every region has its own local taste and culture.But unfortunately, some of those regions aren’t doing so well at the moment. Spain’s rapid transformation from an agricultural to an urban society in the late 20th century led to many people abandoning their properties in traditional pueblos (villages) in favour of  big cities.

Today, the homes and businesses they left behind are still standing and crying out for some much-needed renovation – which is why many local councils have taken it upon themselves to revitalise their towns by incentivising skilled people to move there.

One such place is the town of  Ponga, Asturias, where families will receive €3,000 to help them settle in, plus an additional €3,000 for each baby born in the town.Another is Rubiá, in the mountains of Galicia. Here the local township will supplement your income with an extra €100-150 per month. You could also purchase your own entire village in Spain for less than the price of a townhouse in one of the big cities – but only if you’re willing to invest your own money to bring the town back to life.

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