10 Countries And  States That Will Pay To live In


8-Italy :

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Italy is famed for it’s rolling landscapes, fantastic food and and gorgeous weather. What some people don’t know is that Italy struggles in managing it’s population in certain regions. most younger generations have moved from quiet villages to find work, for education or just for a more exhilarating night/social life.

Set within Italy’s gorgeous Apulia region, the quaint medieval village of Candela earned itself the nickname ‘Little Naples’ for its stunning beauty and easy-going way of life. Unfortunately, that way of life waned throughout the 20th century, forcing the mayor to implement an incentive scheme to restore the population – and the culture – of this quasi-Neapolitan township.As a resident of Candela, you can live in one of the safest towns in Italy and get involved in all the local activities, such as horseback riding through the picturesque local valleys.Better still, you can pick up a range of cash incentives. Singles receive €800 and couples €1,200 euros, while families can get up to €2,000 euros for moving to Candela. Tax credits are also available to help cover the cost of services like waste disposal.The only stipulations are that you must apply for formal residency in Candela and have a salary of at least €7,500.

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