10 Countries And  States That Will Pay To live In


7-Switzerland – Albinen :

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Swizerland is also one of these coutries, expats under 45 might be tempted by the offer of receiving $25,200 for moving to the remote village of Albinen.To boost the town’s dwindling population, the Albinen council is offering adults a huge cash incentive to move there, while children could also be in line for a windfall of $10,000.

You’ll have to commit to staying for a minimum of 10 years. Furthermore, only Swiss residents get to receive the bonus. That means you must have lived in Switzerland either 12 years in total (or 5 years with a type B permit), or have married a Swiss person, and completed your citizen application before the end of the 10 years.But don’t let that faze you. With its fresh, Alpine air and the potential to enjoy one of the highest expat salaries in the world, maybe life in Albinen could be just what you and your family are looking for

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