6 Cheapest & Best Countries to live in

6 Cheapest & Best Countries to live in


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 Indonesia is a huge country that offers a variety of experiences to new expats coming to visit and wanting to embark upon a new life. To top it all, you can choose Bali and stay there for its magnificent beaches that will bring you incomparable peace of mind, and if you’re into surfing than this will certainly be your new home.

            As you can see for yourself, there are so many incredible cheap countries and cities around the entire globe where working, spending (generously) and saving money can be done simultaneously.  To start your life anew or grab on a new career path opportunity, the living cost in a country is mainly the number one motivation for wanting to move somewhere else. However, low cost isn’t everything. If you’re seriously considering leaving your hometown or this high cost place you’re actually living in, you should bear in mind other crucial standards. While choosing your next long term destination consider other factors namely, education, healthcare, safety, infrastructure, or any significant or insignificant standards you’re used to in your country and that you’re taking for granted.


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