9 Travel essentials to not forget

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Summer is almost here, the season of departures and packing suitcases, travelling, visiting places, seeing the world, leaving your home –temporarily- but can we do that without actually leaving our home, and the comfort of having everything we need at arm’s length? Is there any possible way to feel like we’re at home when we’re not?

Knowing what to have in your suitcase is the key for maximizing the best of your trips. We all love travelling but at the same time we all dread packing but it’s only a matter of organization and having a clear vision on what to take with you. Knowing what to prepare and what to take with you while traveling, not forgetting any essentials can be overwhelming especially when you’re doing it at last minute.

Relax you don’t have to make a meticulous list, but this is your reminder of the useful essentials you’re going to be in need of for your travels. But it’s probably better to make a checklist first, and check out each item as you go. It will help pack your belongings effectively. In addition, this way you’ll be sure you aren’t forgetting anything. The following list can change according to what kind of trip you’re embarking upon, if it’s a beach destination, a mountain one or if it’s work relative. 

Some of these are essential to everyone with no exception whatsoever; others are variable from one person to another, so you can adopt this list according to your needs in order to make your trip more profitable. But what matters the most is that these stated travel essentials will make you feel like you are at home even when you are not.

1-Portable power source

 a portable charger comes handy all the time, especially when travelling; this is the best tool to avoid staying with no battery. You don’t want your phone to run out of battery, it’s the worst possible thing to happen to you when you’re on a vacation. You surely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of taking memorable pictures of your trip.

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