9 Travel essentials to not forget

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 in case there’s a lot of noise coming from the corridor or from your hotel room neighbors, you can use them to get a decent sleep night without having to hear any of the noise. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt taking them with you since they, practically, take no place at all.


 such as: deodorant, hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, lip balm, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and shaving cream.

 Little tip 1: to save some space instead of taking the wholes battles fill up smaller sized bottles

Little tip 2: Products and items that leak always go into leather travel cases or into plastic bags as a means to avoid any spills and ruining the rest of your baggage.

Little tip 3: it’s better to put your toiletries bag at the top, because it might be the first thing you’re going to need once in the hotel room.

4-Packing cubes

 this one will make your life easier for it separates your items and steer clear of things getting mixed and lost amongst other things. It can make the entire packing process more efficient, it’s a much needed compartmentalization for you to be more organized as it helps you save some space at the same time.

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